A day

Today, a day, one day in life, not spectacularly special. Woke up a bit blurry maybe from the wine and smoking last night. Could be because the gray clouds that came upon Amsterdam.

In this period of time we are [me and my sweet wife] a little bit in a waiting mood. Our plan is to move to live in a van: a house on wheels. To have the freedom to move around with the privilege of having a house. Some steady ground around our feet. After few years of traveling, we are needing this ground. Yes, even traveling can reach its limit. There is nothing in life that doesn’t need moderation.

Back to my day.. What can go wrong? We already have the van – named Ollie Piel. Just a few more days and we can hit the road. Still some voices don’t leave me in peace. This inner voice that keeps pushing ‘up’: “Do something with your day!”, “Why are you so chill? Look at all the rest they are so busy, how come you can be happy with this stillness?!”
Instead of standing up, get on my feet and really DO something, I sit to drink a cup of tea with this thoughts. Hand them more time in my blurry living-room. “Would you like to stay for another cup of tea? Or maybe you prefer a coffee? Would you like to tell me more of your shit that I maybe didn’t heard yet?”. And if I already heard this shit, I can always listen to it with a different hat or outfit.
So how did I came from there, to sit here and actually analyzing it from the side. What brought me this awareness again?
Simple [sometimes as far as the moon]:
by fucking doing!
I went to my small practice, my personal space [in this time it was yoga]. I put myself there and didn’t let myself the choice of not doing. Maybe it wasn’t the best practice, but I did and worked with all my being.
When we are doing, taking an action in our day/life, we are mastering ourselves. We take the wheel back in our hands, back from our thoughts that for a while became to be us. The action is our fire. Action is simply asking all our systems to work together: mind and body. With this two together we creating our fire; our soul; our Spirit.
The actions, the actual experiences that we are going through in life, create US. This is who we are in this world. Any action will get added to our aura, our sense-able CV, our handshake.
Lets go dancing 😉 !

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