Dance for life

It’s almost full moon and the wind is softly blowing.
The speakers are turning up to the highest volume
and my mind enjoys the touch of your hands.
Is it imagination, the crowd, the heath
or is my heart longing to come home?

Suddenly the doubt kicks in and I can not focus on the now.
My mind is wondering, flying around in places that are not here.
People passing by and the moon doesn’t answer.
She is keeping her secrets to herself, staring back at me.

“The answers are in your heart,” she says.
“It’s your mind,” she screams.
“Don’t think,” she winks.
“Dance, until sunrise,” she laughs.
“Don’t be afraid, it is going to be fun,” she smiles.
“You carry home in your heart,” she softly whispers.
Let it go, have fun, the answers will come.

She said: “Just dance.”
She answered: “Don’t worry.”
She whispered: “It’s nothing.”

Life is beautiful as it comes.
Smell, see, feel, laugh.
Be here, breathe, dance.

Be brave and she will not disappoint you.
The nights will turn back into days.
The moon will set,
the sun will rise gracefully.
Everything will fall into place,
in perfect harmony
balancing between heaven & earth,
feminine and masculine
life & death.

For eternity

27/04/2018 – Sde Boker, Israel

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