Summer days

It is an infinite perfection,
clear blue skies, sun in the exact temperature:
Not too hot that you don’t want to move, but want to swim.
Not too cold that you need to wear a scarf, but you can when you want.

So far these three days in our lovely MB, my Wilfina and Abraham,
cruising around north Denmark.
It’s green everywhere, surrounded by water all the time
and a dragon-fly constantly flying around.

Every day is a countless option, good food on the prohibited fire,
infinity landscape to walk and discover.
The gooses are passing above, looking at us
searching for the next spot to land.
All this nature is a automatic healing.

The colors, the sounds, the peacefulness:
simple life without distractions.
Coming from the city where my mind was so blurry,
a little while and it was all gone.
Happiness came back, took her precious place
in my head and in my heart.

The incredible sunset, shades sinking, getting obsorbed
in my body & consciousness,
cleaning from all assumptions, expectations, comparing.
The gentle singing of the nature
through birds, the crickets, the wind in the trees,
telling my soul to rise, to sing along.

The space to feel what is around,
what a beautiful woman wants to be by my side,
to share myself and all this beauty with her.
To be with my brother without any escape,
sharing the present that is in every moment.

In the present,
just to continue to go deeper;
to disconnect from all the distraction,
to tune in,
put the volume all the way up,
let celebration and discovery begin!


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