Life on the road

Being on the road with the camper is an incredible experience. For me the real ‘being on the road’ just began. After visiting Denmark & driving down to Paris to spent a week with family (not by blood but by soul). Even though Edsel and Pereh were part of this weeks, we were still trying to get somewhere and we were still guests in someone’s home.

The last week it just been us, in the wild, nothing else than all what we have.

What I learned from traveling all this time, is that the beginning of every chapter is hard. There are a lot of difficulties to face, because there are only new scenes playing in my life. Nothing is the same as it was before.

The real magic begins when I start to see the difficulties as possibilities, new beginnings. I feel the fears and turn them into curiosity. I feel the anger and turn it into love. I feel the confusion and turn it into choices. I feel the sadness and turn it into open space for new experiences.

All this freedom that the Red Lotus is giving us, is incredible. Every second of the day is open for everything. I have no responsibilities and I have no expectations. Yet I take all my responsibilities and live a life beyond my wildest dreams.

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