The coin

When you are able to see the whole coin, you accept whatever is in your now.
The ‘bad’ and the ‘good’, just as they are.
There is no bad and no good, because they are.
Sit in peace by yourself, and let the time pass by.
Everything is continuously changing, nothing stays.
Everything and nothing is real.
Everything and nothing don’t exist.
Whatever was, is no more.
Whatever is done, does no more.
Choose what you want to see,
In which reality show you want to play.
Nothing is about you, you are here.
To hold the space, to give the space.
The world will still exist – without you,
it will still continue spinning – without you.
Sometimes we are not part of the reality,
even when we are there.
Sometimes we are the reality,
when we are not there.
You don’t exist, you are nothing.
You do exist, you are everything.
In a second, reality shifts.
From here to there.
Inside & outside.

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