From the grey tall buildings, poor & peaceful,
to a stupa with free hugs,
Shiva, dreadlocks and burning bodies.
Through Buddhism, Monkism & anger
we learn healing, volunteering by living.
Walking in the city calley, on the mountains by the lake,
in the swamp & our tower.
Eating Dhal-baht, far from the crowd, but close to our heart.
Babies, light & dead
Healing each other, ourselves, us.
Becoming a couple in the country of
Never Ending Peace And Love.
All the dark places inside of us,
shine as a star, like the eagles.
On the lake, as the double crescent moon black bird.
The swallows taking dips in the lake.
To come out as new, reborn.
A mind like a circle, ace of swords.
A sever not a king,
a body like sand,
moving in the stream of the flow,
body into body.
Becoming one, two in one.
Off, to the next chapter in the book.

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