The longing

It’s not the being or the doing that is making us tired. It is the trying.

Trying to be present, trying to be good, trying to be awake, trying to hold the world, trying to be better, trying to be more self-aware, trying to have more time in a day, trying to please everyone around you, trying to …

What are you doing for others instead of for yourself?

What are you longing for?

What is your heart telling you to do?

Stop trying and do whatever makes you smile in this moment – without judging yourself. Often we find ourselves in situations that are leaving us with an empty feeling. Visiting a family member, a friend or even the feeling that you have to spend time with your partner, when you would like some time by yourself. You think you have to do this things, when actually deep inside you don’t feel like. Maybe you are aware, maybe you don’t know: you don’t have to do none of this things, you choose to do this. Remember you can always choose something different.

Saying NO to another might feel like you’re betraying the other, but in fact a NO to another is a YES to yourself. Being honest to yourself is what is the most important. You are not living the life of someone else, you are living your life!

Write down something you haven’t told yourself in a long time. Tell the tales of your heart.

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