The fear

Fear is part of being alive. Our minds are telling us to be scared, to worry about what happened and to worry about what is going to happen. Being in the now, move away from the fear will bring us closer to our desire.

To move towards our desire we have to allow ourselves to be the fool, the one who does not know, the one who starts again and again at the beginning.

Thinking you will fail or that you are not good enough, will bring you no where. It will keep you stuck where you are.

Hold nothing back, risk it all. Let yourself love and be loved, deeply. Being a fool doesn’t kill you. You have what it takes to fulfill your desire, you are enough!

Guarantees are not offered, sometimes we fall to get back up. It is the knowledge of life and ourselves, and if we are awake, glimpses of the wisdom held in the story our life is telling the world, is offered.

No risk seems to great!

Write down the times you have taken risk & how you greet your fear.

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