The sorrow

Sorrow is a part of life. Every single one of us is going to difficult times in their lives. A loved one passes away, we get fired, our relationship ends, a rough childhood. We all know them and we all have to go through to sorrow. There is no way out of sorrow, but through.

To sit fully with your pain, whether it is emotional, physical or mental. Things are constantly changing and even though it is hard to tell ourselves this when we are touching the center of our heart and feel broken, we will survive!

Let your tears run down your cheeks, set them free. There is no need to hide or keep in the pain you feel inside. Express your sorrow.

It’s hard to be with another’s pain, even more when we cannot be with our own. Deep inside we know that we can do nothing to ease another’s pain, and this knowledge hurts. All of us want to help, to heal, to love.

Knowing that the only thing we can do, is nothing, will never be good enough. We will always look for ways to comfort the pain of others and ourselves. But when you sit with your pain, you become aware of a need for something else: for the wisdom to live with what we do not know, what we cannot control, what is painful – and still choose life!

Let sorrow be. Let is take place inside your being. Let the dark pain pass through your body, your emotions and your mind. Don’t fight it. Don’t fix it. Don’t try to forget it.

Sit with it and the light will be lit.

What is the taste, the look, the sound that comes when you touch the center of your sorrow?

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