The beauty

Seeing beauty means expanding our definition of beauty, suspending our judgments. There is beauty in everything. Everyone, everything that surrounds us is beautiful. We forget to look, we forget to appreciate, we take it or the person for granted. It’s always there.

We always have water to drink, we always have clothes on our bodies, we always have food to eat, we have trees and flowers in our backyards, but we forget to see them. They are part of our everyday routine. We tend to look on what we do not have, what could be better.

We forget to be where we are. We forget to see the beauty that is surrounding us in every second of the day. There is always something to be grateful for. There is always something beautiful.

Gratitude, be grateful. See the beauty in every single thing you do, see, feel. This life is given to you. Live its beauty!

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