The betrayal

If we can not live with our need to renew agreements we have made, we break the only promise we really owe each other – to be truthful. This means finding both the courage to be truthful with ourselves and a way to live with how our actions affects others, even when there is no ill intent and no one to blame.

We all have been the betrayer and the betrayed. We all know the feeling of being swept off with a lame excuse and we all have been the one that told that good lie. If we cannot acknowledge this, we will find ourselves harsh and unforgiving, unable to grieve for the times we have betrayed ourselves.

Being trustworthy; not betraying ourselves – is about recognizing moments or situations when we are likely to be untrustworthy and seeking counsel of people who love us and are willing and able to be honest with us.

Part of being trustworthy is being able to recognize when our perceptions and judgments are untrustworthy. Deciding where and when we must break a promise to be true to ourselves.

Can you make the choice that’s for life even when that choice is hard? When doing so means others will see you as faithless? Can you make the choice without putting yourself or the other out of your heart?

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