The fire

I want to know if you can stand with me, eyes wide open, when the fire – asked for or given – consumes all we think we know. I want to know if you will offer yourself as fuel for the flames and let the mystery we seek, the Divine we long for, which comes in unpredictable ways, consume and transform you.

What exactly are we meaning with fire? Not the literally fire that eats our body with his heat. We are referring to the drives, our will, our desires. Can you follow your dreams? Can you give extra sticks to the fire inside of you? Can you fight for your dreams? Can you gather concentration, patience and discipline to do what you love? To do what you believe in? To do what you want. Without being scared. Without having the fear that the fire will eat you, burn you, and all that will be left is ashes. And even when there is only ashes left, can you rise from the ashes?

It’s only in the stories of our burning and rising from the ashes that we remember the flame. After the fire, nothing is ever the same again. There is no time to waste on fearing what might happen.

We fell in love with making jewelry. In the start it was for fun, for ourselves, for some friends, until we made more than we ‘could get rid off’. We started, for fun, trying to sell some. And for our surprise we managed and with the concept ‘pay as you feel’, we even got more than we would have asked ourselves. Since the first time (two years ago) we sold every now and then. But when we started to travel with Edsel we started to put more effort on spreading our jewelry. We actually managed to live of this money during our six month travels from Denmark to Portugal.

We have no idea what will happen in the future regarding to our jewelry, but we do not fear. We have the trust that this is what we need to do in this moment. Sharing our creations, sharing our energy. We feel that whatever will happen, is the right thing for that moment.

Another example: living in Portugal. We bought a van in the Netherlands and traveled with some pocket money down to Portugal. Not knowing what to expect or how living in Portugal will get formed, but we trusted that whatever needs to happen will happen, and we don’t mind to work and not to possess a piece of land. So we arrived in Portugal, helped a guy with the intention from both sides that we will stay there ‘forever’. After 3 weeks this cooperation didn’t work out as both sides had planned, so we moved on. Even though that we thought for 3 weeks: ‘This is it!’, after we moved from the farm, we knew: this happened for a reason, to show us the lesson we needed to learn and that something else and better will come up. And it did. And even if this doesn’t work out; there are plenty farms in this world!

To trust, and not to fear. To step forward without the voice in your head that is calculating all the things that ‘might’ go wrong. If we would this all the time, why should we live?

Life is precious and fragile, we only need a moment to decide what we want in life. What do you want from life? Are you scared of the next big step and prefer to stay inside your comfortable square or are you ready to take a step forward and let the flow of life consume you and show you where to go?

Write down your dreams and hopes and wishes for the future. What do you want to accomplish? What ideas do you want to make reality?  In which direction do you need to take a step forward?

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