The hitchhiker’s guide to freedom

This is a story, a journey, the latest chapter in our life.

On purpose I’m not going down to details, because I would like you, the reader to find yourself the hero of this story. To find the courage to follow this mystery, this path we call life – in your OWN way.

This story describes in guidelines our growth process since we left our “home”. To this point in time; we find ourselves as independent and free people, with a purpose and a clear vision of what we want to do in life now. To find our way to be part of the whole, to give and to receive, to develop and help others to grow and develop.

The Stages:

α- Leaving the comfort zone. Change your job, go to travel, sign in to a new course. It’s easy and hard at the same time. It’s a lot of excitement; going into the unknown, creating new experiences. Day by day the feeling of being home everywhere, gets bigger and bigger. “Happiness is having a talent for fate.” – Novalis

βGetting exposed to new input. Talk with strangers, be interested in humans with different backgrounds, ages and experiences, get into a conversation with locals and hear about their lives. By this our universe; consciousness; life perspective; wisdom of life gets expanded. Life is not only black and white, good or bad, it’s everything.
The benefit of getting rid from our old believes, is opening our view to life, we see the endless possibilities, differences and similarities. No more limited believes about what we are and are able to do.


γ-  Discovering/searching what fulfills your heART. Putting it in one word passion. It is easier and full of joy to wake up in the morning to do something that we really love. This thing that can make us forget to eat and sleep. When we are dealing with our heart’s desire, our inner fire is on, and the energy that we put out comes back to us and fulfills us from the inside. Find what you love and love what you do.

δ- Trying, following, experimenting. The Way is smarter than the one who is walking the way. Once we found what brings fire to our hearts, we are still looking for answers, but we have a goal, a purpose why to keep searching. And when we listen and see where life is navigating us, what doors are getting opened, we should keep the balance of knowing what we want and staying flexible. Which sometimes means to adjust and change our ideas and dreams.

ε- Becoming real – back to the ground. After roaming around, collecting ideas and trust. It is time to put some roots in the ground; nothing can grow without a fertile ground and structure.
We are like a tree; if we want to bring fruits to the world we should start with knowing what kind of tree we are. ‘Am I an apple tree or an orange tree?’ ‘Maybe an Eucalyptus?’ ‘Or a pine tree?’ We are all so different and we all have our unique value and place. Yet we are all trees.
Roots as a vision, Trunk as the way to accomplish (tools, time, contacts), the Branch‘s ideas getting real, vision unfold itself into real existences.
Then finally the Fruits can grow; all our work is coming to a peak point. We are actually bringing something new to the world, some final ‘product’ that the others can taste, smell and enjoy from…


ζ- Keep evolving, growing, expanding. In life we have to keep moving. If we are static, we will get rusty, dusty or even rolling backwards. We are always in a journey, following the path, expending ourselves, discovering unknown corners in ourselves and in our surrounding. Whatever makes us scared, is our fuel, our excitement to discover something new: another talent in us, another beautiful neighbor, a beautiful lake: another day into the unknown.

Get curious to explore, develop and evolve. Enjoy the way.

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