Deep sustenance

Often we fall into a daydream and we are focusing on what we hope for. We have unlike to other animals, the ability to imagine. With this ability also the ‘fault’ comes that we are not in the present moment. We forget to be focused on realizing what we have.

Hoping and anticipating can deepen our experience of the moment, motivate us or act or sit still. It can deepen our experience because we are looking forward to something that might happen, so we will take the actions that are needed to change our daydream into a real life experience. It could make us sit still because we are scared of change. We fear the unknown, the new.

Living the present moment fully and having hope for what is to come next are not mutually exclusive. Sometimes when the moment at hand is difficult, having hope that it will change is what makes it possible to be present. And sometimes, there is no hope, but there is still faith.

Breathe into your heart and find the faith that sustains you. Faith that is fueled by the moments you or others are able to find what is good, funny, sweet and tender in life, despite deep wounds and overwhelming difficulties. It is the courage of the human spirit and the relentless persistence of life all around is that gives faith. Life will continue and it will conspire with its beauty to pull you back to hope.

Tell me, can you love life and let love find you when you are lost? What sustains you, what helps you sit and wait without hope? Opening your heart to love when you have no faith that love exists. Love will find you again. You will receive the touch of spirit, the wold and others again.

Have you been where hope & faith cannot find you? What sustains you when all that you have relied upon, inner and outer, falls away? How do you get through? How do you take the next breath?

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