What is love to you?

You, you are love to me.
As I sit here in front of the setting sun, a bee in the flowers getting his last snack before dark. The waves in the far soundtrack of life. Pereh playing with her own tail and her surroundings, the birds singing the song of a falling night.

The sun on my face is asking me: “What is love?”
One face shows up in front of my eyes; yours.
One name echoes in my ears; yours.
One touch creates goose bums on my skin; yours.
One sensation is created in my mouth; your sweet kisses in the mornings.
One smell appears in my nose; yours after eating chickpeas.

A smile shows up on my face,
it is the smile that radiates our love.

Joy is found everywhere, in you, in me,
in the animals, in the ocean, in the sky,
in the wind, in the solidness of the earth.
In the sun and in the moon.
In the day and in the night.
In the light and in the dark.

Everywhere it’s found.
Everywhere it’s lost.

In your eyes I can see, in your voice I can hear,
in your touch I can feel, in your food I can taste,
in your farts I can smell.

Joy and love.

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