A soulmate

We have to look. Look deeply inside when we come across emotions we do not understand. We can observe, we can see, and we can ignore. Or we can observe, see and look.

There is so much written, there are so many different opinions for self-discovery, there are so many forms of therapy for trauma healing, there is so much medicine from Pacha mama, there are so many coaches out there.. and all of these can help you on your path to enlightenment, on your path through life, on your path to a healthy, abundant existence.

But we can’t heal what we can’t see. So we have to open our eyes, and look at the darkest parts of our psyche. We have to really dive into what our emotions and head are telling us, and from my experience, they are both pretty smart and they know exactly where your weak parts are. Even though they are smart AF, soul is smarter & soul will always find a way to make you clearly see what you need to see.

It’s scary to walk down the dark path, to dig open the whole of buried feelings and discover all the experiences of you as a small being. Where you longed for unconditional love from your mother, and didn’t receive it. Or maybe you’ve never been taught how to receive it.

Ask for a brother, a sister, that can hold you through while you go down into the darkness. Feel the support of the brother/sister holding the string while you walk down the ladder into the dark.

Feel supported. Feel the unconditional love. And discover you.

Ask for a soul mate. Open yourself up to a soul mate. A brother or sister that will love you unconditionally. With all your darkness and all your light. Learn from this person as a teacher and hold him as a lover. There will be projections, misunderstandings, but that’s where we grow.

Show yourself, all your weaknesses. There is no reason to hide them anymore, you will be loved with all your resentment, guilt and shame.

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