This is a message from love

We are granted this great gift of time, of being in the present moment fully. Questions that are arising: “How did it come to this point?” & “How do we go from here?”, are in the past and in the future. We have no idea what happened and what is going to happen next, yet these things don’t really matter, what matters is what you do with your present moment. It is that what the Buddha practices under his Bodhi tree, to be present, to be here, to be now. It is what the yogi’s are practicing during their yoga-practice. It is the state of musicians when they are playing. It is what artists are embodying when they are creating art. It is what lovers reach when two bodies become one.

It is what you and I are trying to run away from, being busy with reading or hearing opinions of others, and then creating our own opinion about this opinion. Yet, we are circling around, not being present.
Be grateful for what is happening. Yes, there is suffering and yes there is pain. Yet, these exist always. They are not something new, just suddenly our focus is on this. Instead of looking at the negatives, let’s have a look at all the positives. We are in a crisis, which is a great trigger for a REVOLUTION. I believe the revolution has been going on some years, underground, under the name of love. All these beautiful brothers & sisters spreading their smiles, their hugs and love for each other and for Mother Earth. All nature is radiating it’s beauty, calling us to come back home to her.This is the revolution where we return to our natural selves, where our needs and the needs of Mother Earth are the most important. Where GRATITUDE is the currency.

Where compassion and understanding is vital to survive. We all are genetically influenced by the traumas of our ancestors, consciously or subconsciously, relating to poverty. Our grandparents and maybe even our parents have lived in the time of the Second World War and all the fears are stored in our cells. How we react to the situation today is the sum of fears collected through all these years & lives. For this reason compassion and understanding is a necessity above judgement. Judging each other has never brought us nowhere, except to seperation, in which we live today. Releasing judgement is a lifelong practice and NOW is the perfect time to start.It is our human nature to judge, to distinguish between good & bad. Yet, good wouldn’t exist without bad and the darkness wouldn’t exist without the light. Personally it is lifting your self-esteem, saying that the other is ‘wrong’ – means equally that you are ‘right’, that you know better. Globally there is separation in nations, saying who can be in this part of the world, all the time, for some months or not at all.

Release your judgement to your neighbor. Be compassionate when you see the fear in his eyes while his mouth is covered with a mask. Practice understanding when you see the empty shelves in the supermarket. Feel the grief when you see the numbers of people who lost their lives. And be grateful to see fish swimming in the clear canals of Venice.

Connect to your mind. Use this time to deepen your knowledge about climate change, community life, different structures of the current economy. Deepen your knowledge about how our current consumption is affecting our earth, how to be sustainable, how to practice yoga or listen to the endless podcasts that are available. Watch the documentary ‘Human’ or episodes of ‘Planet Earth’. Connect to your nature.

Connect to your body. Feel your heart, observe your breath. Feel your legs that move you around the world, feel your seat bones on which you spend most of the day. Give your body some love. Be grateful for this beautiful vehicle that is carrying you in a physical form. Dance, run, exercize, SHAKE. Let the stress be carried out of your body through movements that are unjudged. Dance like nobody’s watching!

Connect to your soul. What is something you have always dreamed of? What is that secret wish lying in your heart? Something you ‘never had time for’.. You are given all the time: write that book, bake that cake, draw, paint, play that instrument, quit your job, start that project, follow your passion..
Connect to the people you are missing in your life and send them love. Connect to the people you are angry at and send them respect. Connect to the people that inspire you and send them gratitude.
Connect to yourself – your essence.
Breathe in, while you ARE in your safe space.
You are safe, all is within & everything is ONE.

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