The joy of the secret

Yesterday I discovered something new, a thing that I saw as a taboo until recently (yet still working on removing the leftovers away from my being).

After reading the Tao book about our life/sexual/chi-energy within our bodies.

And the importance (the secret) of keeping this vital energy within the body, not to hurry to ejaculate. As I understood the importance of it, I didn’t know if I’m able to do it; to control this strong instinct of the body. Luckily the book is full of very precious and detailed information and gives the tools how to control and use this knowledge (e.g. by a simple external lock with your fingers, on the right spot)…

As I grew-up with a religious background, the separation between Sex and God was clear and sharp; one is holy and the other is a sin (at least until you get marrried). This could make sence, if we’re talking about casual sex without love & appreciation. Both the religion and the Tao mention that ejaculation is a waste of vital energy, precious life potential. 

Nobody taught me that you can combine this two; 
God = Love = Sex.

This time as I touched myself, when the sperm wanted to come out, I guided him gently with my breath to travel up my spine, to nourish my whole body and being with this pure life force. To describe this feeling in words, is like trying to put the ocean in a shoe-box. For me it was to find the joyful way to meet unity, to meet Yin & Yang. 

Fire & Water. The unity that creates Life.

No more beliefs of separation between holy & impure, heaven & earth. It’s all ONE, when you use it with Love & understanding.

Once the Ego goes back to its original size, a grain of sand, a lot of space gets created. A new space to our being to experience bigger things than oneself, bigger things than the mind-made ego can even imagine.

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