Nature is One

All things in Nature are not only ONE with themselves- But also ONE with the totality. They haven’t remove themselves from the fabric of the WHOLE by clamming a separate existence: “ME and the rest of the universe.” The contemplation of Nature can free us of that “ME”- the great troublemaker!   [Stillness speaks –... Continue Reading →

Praying for Love

I’m doing so much. Just that I could love myself enough. To allow myself to rest, to embrace who I am. But even without - I’m worth so much.   Cause Jah help the ones who care, Cause Jah lift the ones who wants to go higher and higher. And this is just enough.  ... Continue Reading →

Star in the day time

Out of the loneliness, Out of the darkness – you came to me. A star between the clouds. Your beauty came back to life When the sun left, a space for your gentle bright light appear.   What can I do – to see you in the day time. How can I obtain, how can... Continue Reading →

The Flower Revoultion

Don’t need to close your eyes to meditate No war is needed to take down the power And I will always keep loving… Can put some flowers in the mussel Change the vase with fresh running water From the mountain, the cloudy rainy skies. Bringing new, bright sharp sun horns on the unfolding day. And... Continue Reading →


  Too much ground and it will just stay dry. Add some Water and the earth will be tender Too much water will create a swamp. We need the sun, the Fire to bring life and makes things grow. And from this heat the Wind will get created, and travel around the globe without any... Continue Reading →


Why are we surfing? What drives us to wake up early in the morning on a cold winter day, put on our humid wetsuit (in the best-case scenario) and jump to the cold water? What makes us fly half way around the world to surf the perfect wave? Is it just a glimpse of happiness? A pure inner-body adrenaline shower? Where does the passion for surf come from?For me surf is about the strong connection... Continue Reading →

The hitchhiker’s guide to freedom

This is a story, a journey, the latest chapter in our life. On purpose I'm not going down to details, because I would like you, the reader to find yourself the hero of this story. To find the courage to follow this mystery, this path we call life - in your OWN way. This story describes in... Continue Reading →

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