Why are we surfing? What drives us to wake up early in the morning on a cold winter day, put on our humid wetsuit (in the best-case scenario) and jump to the cold water? What makes us fly half way around the world to surf the perfect wave? Is it just a glimpse of happiness? A pure inner-body adrenaline shower? Where does the passion for surf come from?For me surf is about the strong connectionContinue reading “OH MAMAARRIFANA – I WANNA GO SURFING”

The hitchhiker’s guide to freedom

This is a story, a journey, the latest chapter in our life. On purpose I’m not going down to details, because I would like you, the reader to find yourself the hero of this story. To find the courage to follow this mystery, this path we call life – in your OWN way. This story describes inContinue reading “The hitchhiker’s guide to freedom”