Why are we surfing? What drives us to wake up early in the morning on a cold winter day, put on our humid wetsuit (in the best-case scenario) and jump to the cold water? What makes us fly half way around the world to surf the perfect wave? Is it just a glimpse of happiness? A pure inner-body adrenaline shower? Where does the passion for surf come from?For me surf is about the strong connection... Continue Reading →

The hitchhiker’s guide to freedom

This is a story, a journey, the latest chapter in our life. On purpose I'm not going down to details, because I would like you, the reader to find yourself the hero of this story. To find the courage to follow this mystery, this path we call life - in your OWN way. This story describes in... Continue Reading →

Brave fool lover

The society knocking on my door, While inside my house, something start to blossom. Doesn't let me open. Want me to herself, to be myself. Bring me back to you, brave pure love. Makes me awake (more then ever), But even more blind (then before) Get totally drawn, You have me on your love strings,... Continue Reading →

Gateway to the truth

To meet the truth, To meet the truth, through yourself. to see her in the far horizon, Where a great red ball meets the sharp long line. To feel it in every cell of our body. When straight line transfer to a smile, When the heart is beating so loud, That it's all that you... Continue Reading →

View point

There is rocks everywhere, like a snake between our warm bodies looking on the map, to imagine our future together. Writing under Surya's eyes, our past together. To have the wisdom, of old beliefs, old habits, old experiences. and a sense of understanding. for all moments that will come. To heal ourselves, each other, the... Continue Reading →

Domesticated kids

"Who we are" is a very wide question. In one of the many aspects, we are who we raised to be. By the society around us, by our country, our law system. Our personality gets formed a lot from/for our friends, and the 'other' people that are surrounding us. A big and interesting place is taken by the school and our parents!... Continue Reading →

Summer days

It is an infinite perfection, clear blue skies, sun in the exact temperature: Not too hot that you don't want to move, but want to swim. Not too cold that you need to wear a scarf, but you can when you want. So far these three days in our lovely MB, my Wilfina and Abraham,... Continue Reading →

A day

Today, a day, one day in life, not spectacularly special. Woke up a bit blurry maybe from the wine and smoking last night. Could be because the gray clouds that came upon Amsterdam. In this period of time we are [me and my sweet wife] a little bit in a waiting mood. Our plan is to move to... Continue Reading →

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