These are some of the books we’ve read over the last years. As we love to write, make notes and remember the important stuff we gathered here the most beautiful, interesting, inspirational notes from the book – be aware, some can be quite extended.

Let yourself be invited by the deepness of your soul and who you are suppose to be. Free.

Understand more about love and fall more in love with yourself and does around you.

Wise words from a great teacher. The chapters of this book are small and to the point, with practices!

A tale about the monk who owned a Ferrari and takes you on the journey he has discovered.

Explanation about Dharma & the four noble truths that the Buddhist live by.

The practice of zazen.

A life changer! This book brought us many understandings with its easiness and exercises that are to the point.

The philosofy of yoga,

A summary of all the miraculous healing techniques we all inhibit without knowing.

The learnings of the Ho’oponopono. Change your life and the world with 4 sentenses.

One of our ultimate favorites. How a beautiful young woman get initiated in the world of magic.

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