A soulmate

We have to look. Look deeply inside when we come across emotions we do not understand. We can observe, we can see, and we can ignore. Or we can observe, see and look. There is so much written, there are so many different opinions for self-discovery, there are so many forms of therapy for trauma... Continue Reading →

The hair story

Somewhere in my impulsive teenage years, I heard the song, I am not my hair by India Arie and it inspired me. I made a promise to my brother that 'once in my life' I will shave my head. Back then I didn't had the balls to go for a haircut that includes a shaving machine, but... Continue Reading →

Getting naked

During our journey towards Portugal we did some volunteering in France. One of the hosts was Sadhaka, a tantra & yoga community. In this post I'm sharing my first experience with Tantra. The first association I made with Tantra, was what many of us probably have: sex. But while scrolling through Sadhaka's Workaway profile I... Continue Reading →

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