The Flower Revoultion

Don’t need to close your eyes to meditate No war is needed to take down the power And I will always keep loving… Can put some flowers in the mussel Change the vase with fresh running water From the mountain, the cloudy rainy skies. Bringing new, bright sharp sun horns on the unfolding day. And... Continue Reading →


  Too much ground and it will just stay dry. Add some Water and the earth will be tender Too much water will create a swamp. We need the sun, the Fire to bring life and makes things grow. And from this heat the Wind will get created, and travel around the globe without any... Continue Reading →

What is love to you?

You, you are love to me. As I sit here in front of the setting sun, a bee in the flowers getting his last snack before dark. The waves in the far soundtrack of life. Pereh playing with her own tail and her surroundings, the birds singing the song of a falling night. The sun... Continue Reading →


From the grey tall buildings, poor & peaceful, to a stupa with free hugs, Shiva, dreadlocks and burning bodies. Through Buddhism, Monkism & anger we learn healing, volunteering by living. Walking in the city calley, on the mountains by the lake, in the swamp & our tower. Eating Dhal-baht, far from the crowd, but close... Continue Reading →

Brave fool lover

The society knocking on my door, While inside my house, something start to blossom. Doesn't let me open. Want me to herself, to be myself. Bring me back to you, brave pure love. Makes me awake (more then ever), But even more blind (then before) Get totally drawn, You have me on your love strings,... Continue Reading →

Gateway to the truth

To meet the truth, To meet the truth, through yourself. to see her in the far horizon, Where a great red ball meets the sharp long line. To feel it in every cell of our body. When straight line transfer to a smile, When the heart is beating so loud, That it's all that you... Continue Reading →

Talk about freedom

Being free, doesn't mean to roam around alone; it doesn't mean you have to divide; it doesn't mean being away from everything. Being free, means choosing every second to listen to your inner voice. it means not to doubt about a thing; it means to build a nest wherever you are. Being free, is a... Continue Reading →

View point

There is rocks everywhere, like a snake between our warm bodies looking on the map, to imagine our future together. Writing under Surya's eyes, our past together. To have the wisdom, of old beliefs, old habits, old experiences. and a sense of understanding. for all moments that will come. To heal ourselves, each other, the... Continue Reading →

The coin

When you are able to see the whole coin, you accept whatever is in your now. The 'bad' and the 'good', just as they are. There is no bad and no good, because they are. Sit in peace by yourself, and let the time pass by. Everything is continuously changing, nothing stays. Everything and nothing... Continue Reading →

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