Deep sustenance

Living with hope is living with anticipation of what can be. Living with faith is relaxing into what is that cannot be changed by our will and knowing that life in its fullness is good.

The fire

I want to know if you can stand with me, eyes wide open, when the fire - asked for or given - consumes all we think we know. I want to know if you will offer yourself as fuel for the flames and let the mystery we seek, the Divine we long for, which comes... Continue Reading →

The commitment

Reach out one morning and feel them: the millions of men and women who do the best they can every day to feed their children's bodies, hearts and minds. Be someone who could be relied upon without thinking, like the rising of the sun or the solidity of the ground beneath your feet. Be grateful... Continue Reading →

The beauty

Sometimes in our familiarity, we don't see the beauty of the landscape of our daily lives. We forget to take it in. We do not express the appreciation we have for it.

The betrayal

Those who tell the truth even when the truth is hard, are not those who always keep their agreements. Those who can be faithless - who can handle the responsibility of breaking an agreement with someone when the alternative is to betray themselves - are trustworthy.

The joy

When was the last time that you laughed until your sides ached, until the tears ran down your cheeks? Do you dare to lose control and let joy carry you?

The sorrow

Sorrow is a part of life. Every single one of us is going to difficult times in their lives. A loved one passes away, we get fired, our relationship ends, a rough childhood. We all know them and we all have to go through to sorrow. There is no way out of sorrow, but through.... Continue Reading →

The fear

Fear is part of being alive. Our minds are telling us to be scared, to worry about what happened and to worry about what is going to happen. Being in the now, move away from the fear will bring us closer to our desire. To move towards our desire we have to allow ourselves to be... Continue Reading →

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