ceremonial JEWELS

The ceremonial jewels that we create are hand- & custom-made.
Get your own unique jewel made by our hands with your intention or wishes.



Option I is for when you want to connect to an archetype, an element, a chakra or you have an intention that we can project onto the jewel.


Option II is for when you have a certain idea how you want the jewel to look like. You can communicate your preferences for stones, colors, size, material etc.


Option III is for when you want to give freehand to the artist. One of us will connect with you and create the piece that needs to be created for you.
Any wishes can of course be shared.

After our communication we will connect to you energetically, before starting to make the jewel. While doing so a mandala will get created to start the process of the jewel. By creating the mandala we get deeply in touch with you and the intentions that you want to embody through this jewel.

In our experience there are often some days in between creating the mandala and the ceremony where the jewel gets created. This happens so that the ripple effects of the energetic connection can completely enter our being and that what wants to be created for you can really flow through the hands.

The ceremony will start with preparing the space, clearing the space, making it sacred and ready to start working on the jewel. It depends which offering you choose, how the ceremony will unfold. We mainly work intuitively what means colors and materials speak to us. The ceremony will be closed by a song that will be played by us to the jewel to enhance the power.

There are endless option when we speak about jewels. The depicted jewels are mainly necklaces, but there are options for earrings, bracelets, anklets or anything else you would like to decorate, everything is possible! Contact us and we’ll sort it out.

Let’s create your jewel together.

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