The chakras are our inbuilt energy centers that are our connection between earth, heart and heaven of which we are all part of and are all parts of us. We are made out of these three components. We are divine beings, which feed on love, in a physical body. The essence of our being is LOVE. When our chakras are unbalanced, we lose connection to the earth, the heart and the connection with spirit. It’s then, when we live not from our heart, but from our head or our emotion.

Here you find information and exercises to find the balance.

Earth is solid. Physical world of matter, our foundation, the Earth, our planet.

Water is liquid. Flow of energy through emotions, sexuality and movement.

Fire is warming and energizing. The power to take action and the strength of our will.

Air is the breath. Enters through the lungs and pumped by the heart to each cell. The energy of love, softness and expansion.

Sound is the vibration that can become music, words and communication.

Consciousness is what allows us to experience it all. To see, to hear, to love, to act, to feel, to be. It operates in all chakras.

Light is what enables us to see.

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