What is your body trying to tell you?

The metaphysical & psychosomatic science behind
your dis-ease

These days many of us have physical ‘problems’.* Our physical body is a collection/product/outcome of our emotional and mental state. Some of which we are conscious, yet often we are not aware of what the dis-ease actually is trying to tell us.

All diseases carry a hidden message for us. Science is catching up and can not stay behind with  the research of all the miracles happening where individuals heal themselves. I highly recommended the documentary ‘Heal’, where you can find an introduction how to change your lifestyle and by doing so healing yourself (and when we are healing the individual, we are healing the plural).

Even though the medical world is slowly unraveling the secrets, they still prescribe us medication that often camouflages the pain, makes the pain less, but it doesn’t heal the disease.

Many of us are still seeing the body separate from ourselves. You are not your body, it is not something that you have to identify yourself with, yet it is your vehicle through which you experience life. Without your body you would not be a physical being on earth.

Take care of your body. What is your body doing for you without you being aware of it? Your heart beats, your food get digested, your cells are renewing itself every second, your blood is circulating all around your system. The body is so wise that it is able to take all the nutrients it need from the food that you eat, dispatch the toxics and even finds a way out of your body – and what is more relieving than urinating and pooping? 😉 And this is just a tiny summary of all the things your body does for you. 

As we are all here together, I am here to go with you on a journey of discovering what your dis-ease is trying to tell you. When we start looking into our pain, start to be grateful for it, start to see why we are experiencing this pain, then we can sit with it, embrace it and it dissolves into the nothingness because we step away from the resistance. And we all deserve joy and health.

“Let food be thy medicina.”

Maybe a bit out of the blue but:

After many years of being ill, and after some years of being without the disease I can say there is a variety of things that help. The most basic and effective to all (with or without dis-ease) would be; stop (or lessen) eating any processed foods – with additions that you don’t really know what they actually are. Starting with sugar (it is the biggest addiction of the human race). But dairy, gluten and alcohol can be a good start 😉 .

Be mindful and grateful for the food you eat and your body will be too. 

* I choose to write ‘ problems’ in quotationmarks because for my belief they can be turned into gifts.

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