What is love to you?

You, you are love to me. As I sit here in front of the setting sun, a bee in the flowers getting his last snack before dark. The waves in the far soundtrack of life. Pereh playing with her own tail and her surroundings, the birds singing the song of a falling night. The sun... Continue Reading →

Deep sustenance

Living with hope is living with anticipation of what can be. Living with faith is relaxing into what is that cannot be changed by our will and knowing that life in its fullness is good.


Why are we surfing? What drives us to wake up early in the morning on a cold winter day, put on our humid wetsuit (in the best-case scenario) and jump to the cold water? What makes us fly half way around the world to surf the perfect wave? Is it just a glimpse of happiness? A pure inner-body adrenaline shower? Where does the passion for surf come from?For me surf is about the strong connection... Continue Reading →

The hitchhiker’s guide to freedom

This is a story, a journey, the latest chapter in our life. On purpose I'm not going down to details, because I would like you, the reader to find yourself the hero of this story. To find the courage to follow this mystery, this path we call life - in your OWN way. This story describes in... Continue Reading →

The fire

I want to know if you can stand with me, eyes wide open, when the fire - asked for or given - consumes all we think we know. I want to know if you will offer yourself as fuel for the flames and let the mystery we seek, the Divine we long for, which comes... Continue Reading →

The commitment

Reach out one morning and feel them: the millions of men and women who do the best they can every day to feed their children's bodies, hearts and minds. Be someone who could be relied upon without thinking, like the rising of the sun or the solidity of the ground beneath your feet. Be grateful... Continue Reading →

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