Nature in-the City

As a nature lover the corona-time sounded like a big threat. Being “stuck” in the Dutch city Den Helder, looked challenging at the beginning. “No” nature available out of our doorstep, at what I got used to from the van-life, “spoiled me”.

I learned a big lesson in this city; Nature is everywhere. Being surprised by breaking free from my limited belief about cities; my eyes got open to receive. I started to see it in every morning & evening walk, with our beloved dog FoFo.

It is in the gardens of the apartments, in the parks, on the roofs and also inside the houses. For more ‘raw’ nature, I can always go a bit further and find in the edges of the city; parks, canals, beaches, small forests, meadows and dunes.  

Our ancient civilization knew very well: in some tribes there is no word for NATURE.
Nature is everything – We ourselves are nature!

To capture this amazing fact and share it with the world [and to give myself a reason why to develop my hobby for photography]. I decided to walk around and capture the blossoming and vibrant nature that is in the city, everywhere around.  

Gratefully this times “hits” us in the perfect season, the time where nature defrosts, the grey transfers to lush green and baby sprouts. From day to day they are blossoming to their full potential. How great is it to use nature as an inspiration for our life?

[For the optimal presentation, watch the gallery on the computer..]

“So Daddy when do you think we would go to live back in the nature?” asked Fofo.

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