Macrame is the beautiful art of knotting strings together in a certain pattern. Where the macrame originally coming es from is not sure, but we believe it comes from the Arab weavers, that brought it to Spain. Nowadays we see that it is used everywhere in the world. For us it is a meditation tool, a lot of precise work which requires a lot of patience.

He learned to do macrame in Israel from a girl who visited India. His father was making jewelry all his life, to sustain his out of society living; so he basically grew up around creating jewelry. He left Israel with a little bag of stones that his father shaped. He bought some string in the Philippines and when he introduced macrame to her, she fell in love. She loved to be creative, but she never found the peacefulness and the patience to express herself fully.Bringing it together between him – the fire – and her – the air – let the macrame blossom to its full potential.

There is a limit in how much can you make for yourself and wear on your body, we started to share it as an out of control hobby. With family, with friends. The gratitude made us experience deep pleasure and so we went on with expanding our hobby. With some old jewelry, stones from his father and shells from the beach, we started to make new -upcycled- jewelry. When we released the fear of not being good enough, we started to sell randomly. In the Offline house in Portugal and on the boulevard in Camogli, Italy. It was a confirmation that what we were doing was loved by strangers. It brought wind in our sails and we started to create more, to continue sharing and to sell.

Restaurant Cato, Bodeira

His father who lives on the beach in Israel, is still collecting mother stones. He can sense that there is something special inside the stone and takes them back to his house. Here he has an ‘improvised’ lab, where he has all the tools that he needs. The stones sit in oil for a long time before he start to work on them. He cuts the stones, shapes and polishes them. Every stone is dancing, going through her journey in his hands. With an abundance of stones, we leave Israel.

The “lab”

During our continuous travels we kept collecting, creating and sharing, but we didn’t sell. After buying the Red Lotus we traveled up to Denmark. We sold in Christiania (freetown in Copenhagen) and we realized that there are brothers and sisters that want to exchange money for our creation. A bless! With the concept ‘paying as you feel’, we could share with everyone and in return get some pocket money to pay our gasoline down to Portugal. Every now and then we opened our little stall and sold the creations.

In the journey we realized that we love to create jewelry, and sharing the creation and the story brings us so much pleasure. To see a piece of our work on someone else’s body makes our hearts jump. The way the creation blends with the body is magic. Every piece is unique, when we create the piece we put our intentions on the jewelry, so it will find it’s right owner.

All stones by @dudizagoury

Selling our art is our main income. We are using the concept gift-economy, for several reasons. We feel it is very hard to put a price to our art and we want to be accessible to everyone. Second, everyone has different values and a different way of looking at money, that’s why we leave the price up to the ‘customer’. Third, we want to make the world more aware of this thing that we call ‘money’ (read the article Cooperation vs. Competition), to make them aware to see that it is just a way to exchange energy. Some say we undervalue our own creations, but as time passed by we learned to say no when the amount is not worth the effort we put in our work and this is felt in our hearts, not in our minds.

Check our Instagram (@everything_is_one), we publish some pictures now and then. If you are interested you can contact us, we are always in for personal orders. We are also selling our macrame at Studio1, in Vale da Telha (Aljezur, Portugal).

Bãrao de São João

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