There is so much you can learn from reading, yet when we step into the action, into the doing of a practice we discover more and more while we learn to listen to what is good for us. Reading and learning from another can benefit us, yet from our experience doing brings something else. It is like the deepest cells in our body are involved in the action.

All these practices are to help us center us in the present moment. It is there where the magic of life unfolds itself. Here and now.

Everything is only original in nature. Here we are sharing how you can let yourself be amazed by nature.

To focus our mind and fully be there where you are at that moment.

Silent the voices in the head by putting them on paper.

To connect with the creator/creatrix within you and let the expression of your soul come out.

Centering yourself within the body is very precious and so often forgotten, due to living in our mind.

All the tribes of this world have many secrets that we do not (yet) know. The ancient Chinese wisdom is a beautiful way to connect to our inner wisdom and the life within.

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