sacred LINES

The sacred lines that we create are hand- & custom-made.
Get your own unique piece of art made by our hands with your intention or wishes.

It’s comes and goes, like the line on the paper; there is a visible beginning and end, yet it’s infinite.
The mystery is hidden in the invisible parts – where the inspiration to the line begins and is it ever ending or just changing form and shape? Does it continue in the next sketch?

The fun in making art for us is exactly that. To let the unexplained mystery express itself through our fingers. Not to ask questions and not trying to understand what wants to be created.

Yet, when it’s finished to take the time to look, to dive into this mirror of the inner self, and get the insights that wanted to be released in the world.



watercolor from picture




Option III is for when you want to give freehand to the artist. One of us will connect with you and create the piece that needs to be created for you.
Any wishes can of course be shared.





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