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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

The throat chakra – SOUND – visuddha

The throat chakra invites us to witness this vibration level and listen deeply to the rhythms and sound that expresses all that is within us and around us.

Everything is vibrating. When consciousness receives the ripples of vibration, communication occurs. Our body is an instrument that is constantly vibrating with all that it receives, shaping our world, connecting and creating. We join the grand symphony of creation with our unique voice, singing the truth of our heart.

These vibrations emanate from our being into the field around us, mixing with other peoples fields of vibration and the field of the environment. They become part of the auric field that is a subtle field of energy that surrounds our body.

When you resonate with someone you have the desire to stay connected. When you experience disharmony you want to break away to return to your own resonance. We need silence to return to our own frequency. The purpose of the fifth chakra is to find this internal resonance among all the subtle vibrations within, to live in harmony with others, and to know, speak and live our truth.

Sounds stands for communication, listening, learning, creativity and self-expression.
When we communicate, we are vibrating our breath into words that have meaning, connecting our inner consciousness to the awareness of another with some bit of information. Communication allows connection and makes it possible for consciousness to dissolve its boundaries and be shared by many. 

Coherent sound that is harmonious and resonant has a purifying effect on matter. Sound has an effect on the body, the potential of sound waves to heal illnesses and restore vitality. 

Speaking the truth, might not be good for the short-term, but it has a purifying effect on everything. Truth has a field we can resonate with, we can sense it. Even when truth is difficult, it serves to liberate us in the long run. Truth will set us free!

People love to be around people with the same frequency. Resonance brings harmony to all our subtle vibrations and helps us feel whole and connected.

Chakras are jewels along a light string of energy running between heaven and earth – the inner core of your soul. When you stretch the string, you are tuning up. If it is in balance, it makes a beautiful sound. If it is too tight or too loose, it won’t vibrate at its true frequency and the sound will be sharp or flat. When life ‘plucks the string’ with something that impacts our soul, talk, cry and write about it.

The act of expressing what impacted us is normal and natural. It leaves us in a state of balance. It is not always possible to express, we are not believed or listened to. it is inappropriate, ridiculous: we have to lock down on that inner vibration that wants to come out.

Our whole body is an instrument that the Divine is constantly playing. Locking its natural vibrations, deadens the life within and blocks our throat chakra. When we can’t speak our truth, the vibration is stored in our body, over time it becomes frozen. More time and the natural resonance of our subtle vibrations fall in dis-harmony or dis-ease.
‘The judging’ slows everything down and makes it more difficult to communicate.

The demon of the heart chakra is LIES. anytime we are not telling the truth, we’re living a bit of a lie. We can lie with our words, to others, but we can also lie to ourselves, lie with our actions, our body, our facial expressions. To speak the truth, to listen to others when they speak their truth and to live in harmony with greater truths.

Kids need to communicate to sort out what they are experiencing. We should foster that curiosity, with good communication that helps kids to understand the world and discover the truth within themselves.
“What are you feeling right now? What does that mean to you? What do you think about that?”
Asking these questions can point consciousness inside and it helps to express itself. It’s also important to listen, to understand, to be interested and to validate their reality. Kids get told in early years: “sit up and speak up” and when they need to develop their throat chakra they hear: “sit down and shut up”. In this stage they need to learn about the world, shutting down this chakra can create learning difficulties or turn off the natural curiosity that keeps the mind open.

When the chakras are balanced a kid can feel free to express and reveal himself, to ask questions and receive feedback, to explore the arts and to dare to live creatively.

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.”

Why do we talk too much or too little?
Sometimes the charge in our body can be so intense, that it feels as though everything that is unexpressed want to run out of the gate in once. The more sounds you release, the less pressure you feel in your throat. energy that comes into the body is expressed back out through the feet, the arm, the mouth and the genitals. Talking is a way to discharge energy that can’t be discharged elsewhere.

Express yourself
If we’re busy running conversations in our head, we’re not fully listening to what’s around us. If there is too much internal chatter, we can begin to live in a world of our own. Listening is essential to tuning our instruments.

Quieting the mind is helpful for deeper listening.

To keep your THROAT chakra balanced or to bring it back to balance, here are some exercises.


Exercises to move the body and get the energy moving.


Reflecting and discovering our way of expressing ourselves through writing.


Creating with the blue green, chanting ‘ham‘, putting the blue green in our awareness.

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