the ORANGE garden

“The mind is like an iceberg, if floats with one seventh of it’s bulk above the water.

The sacral – WATERsvadishtana

A watery world of feelings and emotions, sensations & desires, movement & juicy sexuality. From the EARTH to the WATER. From solid to liquid.

Consciousness expands from ‘embodied self’ to the world of duality: ‘self and other’. The purpose is to stimulate movement and to bring pleasures. Moving our body brings change, which stimulates consciousness and begins the awakening process. 

Consciousness shifts from: ‘What do I need in order to survive?” to “What do i want now that my survival is secure?”

Pleasure principles
Nature has placed mankind under the governance of the two sovereign masters: PAIN and PLEASURE. You want to change something. You have the desire to move towards pleasure and away from pain. Without anything to look forward to, our life-force will be lower than when we’re excited about something. Without sensation, we become out of touch, disconnected from ourselves and others.

Emotional identity
“We cannot selectively numb emotions. When we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions.”

Emotions give a signal on a subconscious level. Positive emotions: a desire to move towards something. Negative emotions: desire to move away from something. With pleasant emotions we are not trying to change anything, yet with negative emotions we try to. We are trying to fix it, we are begging for change. 

Our ability to identify what we are feeling is directly related to keeping ourselves in a state of feeling that is as good as possible. 
The world is a mix-bag of pleasure and pain.

  • Experience the surrounding through the senses: see, taste, touch, smell, hear. Create an internal map of what is outside.
  • Learn through feeling if something is pleasant or unpleasant. This gives ground for the emotional identity and the flow of graceful movement through the body. 

People who are under-identified or deficient in the sacral chakra, don’t know what they are feeling. They have trouble empathizing with others’ feelings.
We need permission to feel.

The demon of guilt
Guilt says: “I shouldn’t feel this way, i shouldn’t be so angry or scared or so insecure. “I shouldn’t have that desire.” Guilt keeps us away from enjoying what we are doing and really being there while we do it. It’s normal to feel guilt when harming others, it makes us examine our behavior and make changes.

To keep your WATER chakra balanced or to bring it back to balance, here are some exercises.


Exercises to move the body and get the energy moving.


Reflecting and discovering our connection to our emotions, creativity and sexuality by writing.


Creating with the color orange, chanting ‘vam‘, putting the color orange in our awareness.

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