the WHITE garden

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

The crown chakra – CONSCIOUSNESS – sahasra

The mystery of consciousness is uncovered from deep within. Questioning is a way to awaken.

Each of the chakras was a lotus that blossomed with the awakening of consciousness. The infinity is blooming. We reach into the infinite nature of the cosmos and universal consciousness.

Attention is an important facet of consciousness, but throughout the day, there are millions of things that distract attention. Whatever our attention is focused upon creates our experience. Chase the focus of our attention and we change our experience.

“It is not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean.”

The mind tries to make meaning out of it, through interpretation. Beliefs are formed from the interpretations of our experience. Later they manage our interpretations and experiences. Beliefs are structures of consciousness, beliefs create our reality, they direct our attention, which creates the reality of our experience.

“When there are thoughts, it is distractions; when there are no thoughts, it is meditation.”

Meditation takes your attention away from all distractions, so you can experience the limitless realm of consciousness itself. It cleans the mind, calms the body, refines awareness and has lasting measurable benefits. Meditation brings you to a single-pointed mind.
It begins with evaluating your life, questioning your assumptions and beliefs, examining your actions and motives and learning to detach and look at things objectively. Don’t hurry for an answer. Allow the questioning and searching lead you deeper into the mystery. Often when we have an answer we stop questioning and so also our learning.

“When they have contemplated the world, human beings have always experienced transcendence and mystery at the heart of existence.”

To free ourselves from all that limits us and experience the liberation that comes from letting go of attachment. As the demon of the crown chakra, attachment keeps us fixated on the particular. If we are attached to something – we are not truly free. Releasing these attachments frees the spirit from the ego and allows it to soar to the higher chakras. Released, we can better love, hear the truth, see clearly and understand.

Transcendence is the ultimate state of consciousness, without an object, infinite, blissful, timeless. It is not something that can be described.

To keep your CROWN chakra balanced or to bring it back to balance, here are some exercises.


Exercises to move the body and get the energy moving.


Reflecting and discovering our connection to our natural spirituality, by questioning our beliefs.


Creating with the white color, the sound of the crown chakra is SILENCE, putting the white color in our awareness.

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