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“Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.”

The solar plexus – FIREmanipura

Power is the subject, located in the Solar Plexus, our energy, our fire. To keep the body energized we need energy, power and will. Chakra one is matter – your hands. Chakra two is movement – rubbing your palms. friction /heat get created in the third chakra. It takes energy to create energy. Waking up the 3rd chakra is starting your internal fire, strengthening your will and applying all that to a purpose. Power comes from a clear and deliberate personal will. One that isn’t too strong that it dominates others, but not weak that it is dominated by others. Successful strengthening of the will combines the energy from below with the consciousness from above. 

The long term “goal” of the Solar Plexus is mastery. Mastery of our energy body, our emotions, actions, words and thoughts. True power is found in the ease that comes from effortless mastery. Mastery is not control or domination. Mastery is aligning with an inner guidance system, the effective and deliberate steering of our vehicle along the path of our true destiny.

When we actively make a choice and take action to obtain it, then we are engaging the will. Desire and will have a weird relationship. They are not always aligned and the can be enemies. When a choice comes up – what should we do vs what do we want. When they are aligned, the desire feeds the will. It’s important to remember we are always choosing. Not to use ‘have to’ but ‘choose to’.

Strengthening the will begins with realizing that everything we are doing – is our own will.

The root chakra is about holding on, the sacral chakra is about letting go and the solar plexus is about knowing when to hold on and when to let go. Letting go or holding on to feelings, to speak or to be silent, to take action or to sit back. 

A child must have a sense of power to gain confidence, but that power must be developed in balance with the power of other people. 

The demon of the fire is the shame. Shame to show people who you really are. Hiding behind an impression of what you want the world to see, instead of showing yourself with all your authenticity. Shame is dimming our light, seeing our own beauty that we can share with the world to inspire others. Voices that come into our head, often ask us if we are good enough, if we know enough, if we do enough.

To keep your FIRE chakra balanced or to bring it back to balance, here are some exercises.


Exercises to move the body and get the energy moving.


Reflecting and discovering our connection to our power, will, mastery and choosing by writing.


Creating with the color yellow, chanting ‘ram‘, putting the color yellow in our awareness.

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