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You are beautiful. Your presence makes a difference. Do not forgot about yourself, you may be!

When there is no mirror you feel good, you are satisfied with who you are, you shine, but as soon as you are confronted with your self-image, you suddenly have so much to say. Or maybe the other way around: when you look in the mirror, you think: Wow, I’m goooood. But as soon as other eyes are focused on you, you feel small, insecure: ‘Is my hair / lipstick / underwear good?’, ‘What does this ‘handsome’ person think of my outfit?’

When you look in the mirror, what is drawing your attention? Are you checking if your hair is still like this morning? Whether there is no food between your teeth? Whether you are muscular enough? Unconsciously you criticize everything you see, we are rejecting ourselves. As a woman you may be a little more concerend than a man, but all of us look in the mirror to judge ourselves. Why do we criticize what we see in the mirror?

This is not good, that is not good, this can be better, that has to be different. We try to achieve goals, but these goals constantly get adjusted, because there is no real satisfaction.

The next time you walk past a mirror, look at your shining eyes. What do you see there? Leave your hair, your mustache, your outfit for what it is, leave your shell (the body) for what it is and take a deep look inside yourself. Look at yourself and smile.

It is uncomfortable, scary and challenging to look at yourself, to really face yourself, to let go of all the criticism that you constantly have about yourself. It is the time to give yourself the love you deserve! The love, the approval you are looking for outside yourself? You are the one who has to live with yourself for a lifetime. How can you expect others to love you if you are running away from yourself?

Look at yourself and say (aloud or in your head): ‘I am beautiful. I deserve to be here. I love you.’

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